Archaeology class 8/28

Hi everyone—-this is Dr. Chew and I am very, very sorry I am not able to be in class today, due to a family emergency—my mother-in-law is very sick. I know this is not a very good way to start off the semester, needless to say. We have a lot to cover and I am very eager to get started. So……

Please be sure to get these two textbooks, both in the book store:

  1. Freeman, Charles. Egypt, Greece & Rome: Civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean (Oxford University Press).
  2. Grant, Jim, and Gorin, Sam. The Archaeology Coursebook. (Routledge)

The bookstore told me that they have had a lot of trouble locating the third book (Fields, Nic Troy, c. 1700-1250 BC) so it is optional; I’ll let you know if any more copies come in!

For homework, please read in The Archaeology Coursebook:  Chapter 1, pp. 3-8.Chapter 5, pp. 110-18

Be able to answer these questions (I’d suggest writing down short answers as I’ll be asking you in class on Tuesday—I understand that you’re reading the book without any explanation from me.)

  1. What is “archaeological reconnaissance”?
  2. What is the goal of archaeology, according to the authors?
  3. Why do debates often arise among archaeologists?
  4. What does it mean to “recover” archaeological data?

Thank you and I more than look forward to Tuesday. Please leave a comment below after you’ve read this; you can also contact me with ANY and ALL questions via email

Dr. Chew


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