Intermediate Latin 8/28

Salvete, omnes—-

Some of you already know this as you’re in the archaeology class: I’m not on campus today as my mother-in-law is very sick and my husband has to take of some things for her. So I’m home with my son Charlie, who’s still not back to school.

Please make sure you have the textbook for the class, Wheelock’s Latin. Some of you should have your copy from last year; it is also supposed to be for sale in the bookstore, but I think they have run out of copies (they are ordering more, but I don’t know how long it will take). You can also order the book at Amazon or get it at a Barnes & Noble store.

We’re going to start with review. Please go over:

  1. all 5 declensions (chart here with endings)
  2. present, imperfect, future, perfect, pluperfect, future perfect tenses of verbs in all 4 conjugations (explanations and chart here)

As practice, please write out the following and bring to class on Tuesday:

  1. Decline these nouns (there is one word in each of the five declensions):                                               aqua, aquae;  amicus, amici; sol, solis; exercitus, exercitus; spes, spei
  2. Conjugate the verb amo, amare in all tenses

Thank you and I more than look forward to Tuesday when we will be meeting (in McDermott 313). Please leave a comment below after you’ve read this; you can also contact me with ANY and ALL questions via email

Gratias vobis ago—-Dr. Chew


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