Elementary Latin a.d. IV Nones Septembras

Cras: Prima probatio.

1) Be able to conjugate 1st and 2nd conjugation verbs in the present tense and in the present imperative.

2) Be very familiar with the vocabulary words and ready to provide cognates.

3) Know these phrases: Quid nomen tibi est? Nomen mihi est…
Salve, salvete
Vale, valete

You can email me at kchew@spc.edu with any questions, any time.

Sentences to Translate (pp. 6-7)

1. Labor me vocat. / Labor calls me.
2. Mone me, amabo te, si erro. / Advise me, please, if I wander.
3, Festina lente. / Hasten slowly.
4. Laudas me; culpant me. / You praise me; they blame me.
5. Saepe peccamus. / We often sin.
6. Quid debemus cogitare? / What ought we to think?
7. Conservate me! / Save me
8. Rumor volat. / Rumor flies.
9. Me non amat. / He does not love me.
10. Nihil me terret. / Nothing frightens me.
11. Apollo me saepe servat. / Apollo often saves me.
12. Salvete!–quid videtis? Nihil videmus. / Hello—what do you see? We see nothing.
13. Saepe nihil cogitas. / You often think nothing.
14. Bis das, si cito das.
15. Si vales, valeo.
16. What does he see?
17. They are giving nothing.
18. You ought to priase me.
19. If I err, he often warns me.
20. If you love me, save me, please!


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One response to “Elementary Latin a.d. IV Nones Septembras

  • Michelle J.

    Magistra Chew due to severe traffic i may get to class late or not at all today. I hope to be able to find a way to take the quiz another day.


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