Elementary Latin a.d. IV Idibus Septembris

Sentence translation from class:
Fortunam et vitam antiquae patriae saepe laudas sed recusas.
= Often you praise and you reject the fortune and life of an ancient country.

1. Legite: website about the uses of the cases.

2. Scribite: #1 – 10 (philosophiae – rosarum). Translate from the Latin into English:
1. philosophiae
2. îrâ
3. pecûniârum
4. sententiîs
5. porta
6. fâmîs
7. nautae
8. îram
9. rosa
10. rosârum

3. Scribite a Latinâ linguâ ad Anglicam linguam: #115 – 119:

115. of the countries
116. to the roses
117. by the lives
118. sailor (o)
119. to the opinion

And should you [=vos] get distracted from doing your [= vestra] Latin homework by a text/email/phone call/actual live person knocking on your ianuâ, see [ = videte] the Hierarchy of Digital Distractions.

Extra credit on your next quiz if you tell me what Latin words “digital” and “distraction” are from.


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