Mea Culpa! Elementary Latin a.d. XI Kalendis Octobris

Apologies about not making it to class—I ran into major traffic issues getting into Jersey City this morning. I have your quizzes graded (omnibus, bonum) and will return them Wednesday. We will have a quiz on Thursday on the 2nd declension.

1) Study the 2nd declension of masculine nouns: Practice quiz on Wednesday. This webpage has some good charts of both the 1st and 2nd declensions.

2) Decline these 2nd declension nouns. Note the stem! campus (m) field — caseus (m) cheese — socer, soceri (m) father-in-law — liber, libri (m) book.

3) Conjugate do, dare (give) and timeo, timere (fear) in all 6 tenses.


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