Archaeology 9/25—no class

Please note that today’s archaeology class is regrettably cancelled. I have to attend a very important educational meeting for my son (I’ve been writing about why on this blog). Please complete the reading/video viewing assignment noted here and I look forward to class on Tuesday, 9/25. Thank you!

Dr. Chew


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2 responses to “Archaeology 9/25—no class

  • Johanna Moreno

    Dr. Chew,

    I woke up late today and attempted to reach the LIRR (long island rail road) but unfortunately by the time I got there the next train would come until 8:55 and the train I need to take is 8:04 to have enough time to take the path to Jersey City. I watched the videos and thought that they were very informative documentaries. I will be emailing you my notes on the videos and the assignments and will give you printed copies on Friday.



  • kristina

    Thank you, Johanna. Please be sure to speak to met in class on Friday. Hope things are well, Dr. Chew


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