Elementary Latin a.d. III Nonibus Octobris

1) Sentences: Practice & Review p. 28, 1, 2.

2) Study vocabulary from ch. 4 & 5.

Sentences from class:
p. 28
4. Pauci viri avari multas formas periculi in pecunia vident. –
Few greedy men see many forms of danger in money.

5. Si multam pecuniam habetis, saepe non estis sine curis.
If you have a lot of money, you are not without troubles.

6. Puellae magistram de consilio malo sine mora monent.
The girls warn the teacher about the bad plan without delay.

7. O magne poeta, sumus veri amici; me iuva, amabo te!
O great poet, we are true friends; help me, please!

8. Femina agricolae portam videt.
The woman sees the farmer’s gate.

p. 29
8. Bonus Daphnis, amicus meus, otium et vitam agricolae amat.
Good Daphnis, my friend, loves the leisure and life of a farmer.

9. Magistri parvis pueris crustula et dona saepe dant.
Teachers often give cookies and gifts to little boys.


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