Elementary Latin a.d. VIII MMIX

Quiz on:

  1. declining neuter nouns of the 2nd declension
  2. conjugating the verb “to be”
  3. vocabulary words from ch. 3 & 4.

Ager, agri – field

Amica/amicus – friend

Femina – woman

Filius – son, filia – daughter

Puer, pueri – boy

Vir, viri – man

Pauci – a few

De – preposition meaning “about”; takes ablative

Semper. Always

Habeo, habere. Have

Basium. kiss

Bellum. War

Donum. Gift

Exitium. Destruction

Magister, magistri. Teacher

Nihil. Nothing

Oculus. Eye

Bonus. Good

Malus. Bad

Parvus. small


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