Elementary Latin a.d. XIV Kalendis Novembris

1) Online practice in the IMPERFECT is here. The drill we are doing is for Chapter 17 and is about practicing using the imperfect tense.

  • Vocabulary for the homework:
  1. credo, credere. trust
  2. lego, legere. read
  3. habeo, habere. “give” [a speech]
  4. habito, habitare. live
  5. cupio, cupere. want. STEM = cupie-
  6. promitto, promittere. send
  7. abeo, abire. go away STEM = abie-
  8. habeo, habere. have
  9. narro, narrare. tell
  10. sum, esse [“was” = imperfect tense of the verb ‘to be’]
  11. rogo, rogare. ask, demand
  12. tempto, temptare. try

2). Sentences p. 34, #6 and p. 35, #12.

3) Chapter 6: Learn the imperfect and future tenses of the verb “to be” (sum, esse).

4) I regret to say that we are not having class on Wednesday, again due to my having to address my son’s educational situation. I am very sorry to be missing class again. Update at 12 noon: As soon as I left class, I found out that the meeting was cancelled! But we will still not have class; see you Thursday and please email me with any questions.

4) We will have a short quiz on Thursday about the imperfect and future tenses.


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