Elementary Latin a.d. VII Kalendis Novembris

Hi from Dr. Chew:  I was unable to come to class today as my son is having a great deal of difficulty as he changes schools. (He is still at his current school and will be in a new school soon, but being in a state of transition has been really tough on him.)

Please be sure to do the online exercises.

Also, I have been considering changing the time of this class for next semester, to 8am on Tuesday and Friday: I am not sure if that would work out for any or some of you, but will be asking for your input about this on Wedesday.


Dr. Chew


Learn endings for 3rd declension nouns (masculine): See chart here.

Complete the following 2 online exercises. Write out your answers on a piece of paper, which will be collected at the start of class.

(1)Matching exercise for present and imperfect of possum is here.

(2)Translation practice with simple sentences is here.


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