Elementary Greek Review (fall mmxi)

What you have to do for the grammar section of the exam is in RED.

You do have to know everything on this page for the translation section!


  • 1st declension nouns θεά (goddess)      νίκη  (victory)  (another chart is here)
  • 2nd declension nouns (masculine  ἄνθρωπος   and neuter  δῶρον)
  • how to use each of the 5 cases
  • >‘the’ in masculine, feminine, neuter
  • ουτος, αυτη, τουτο — εκεικνος, εκεινη, εκεινο  demonstrative pronouns
  • Numbers  
  • Adjectives
    0 zero μηδέν
    1 one ένα (m: ένας, f: μία, n: ένα)
    2 two δύο
    3 three τρία (m: τρεις, f: τρεις, n: τρία)
    4 four τέσσερα (m: τέσσερις, f: τέσσερις, n: τέσσερα)
    5 five πέντε
    6 six έξι
    7 seven επτά or εφτά
    8 eight οκτώ or οχτώ
    9 nine εννέα or εννιά
    10 ten δέκα
    • Adjectives used in attributive and predicate position


Tenses: present, future, imperfect  (basic charts)  chart of Greek verbs present, future, imperfect tenses

Voice: active, middle, passive  (more charts, much more detailed)

Moods: indicative, infinitive, imperative

Irregular Verbs (know all 3 tenses, infinitive):

‘to be’ – present, imperfect, future:  εἰμί

Vocabulary from lessons 11, 12, 13, 14


Days of the week:

Κυριακή (Lord’s day) Sunday
Δευτέρα (Second day) Monday
Τρίτη (Third day) Tuesday
Τετάρτη (Fourth day) Wednesday
Πέμπτη (Fifth day) Thursday
Παρασκευή (“Preparation”) Friday
Σάββατο (“Sabbath”) Saturday

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