Elementary Latin Review (fall mmxi)

What you have to do for the grammar section is in RED.

You do need to know everything on this page for the translation section.

NOUNS (p. 446):

    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd declensions (m/f  and n)
  • how to use each of the 6 cases (p. 10)
  • Personal Pronouns: ego, tu, nos, vos; is, ea, id (p. 67, 449)
  • Demonstrative Pronouns (p. 55, 448):     hic, haec, hoc     —    ille, ille, illud
  • Numbers (p. 451, p. 97)
  • Adjectives (p. 447): 1st/2nd declension type (like bonus, bona, bonum) and 3rd declension type (like fortis, forte)


4 conjugations:
amo, amare –  1st

video, videre –  2nd

dico, dicere/ capio, capere 3rd and 3rd -io

audio, audire – 4th

Tenses and Voices (p. 452—you may want to xerox this page!): present, future, imperfect, perfect

Moods: indicative, infinitive, imperative

Irregular Verbs (know all 3 tenses, infinitive):

sum, esse. to be (p. 37)

possum, posse. to be able

Principal parts of verbs: labeling, translating, forming for 1st conjugation verbs


Vocabulary, chapters 9, 10, 11


a/ab  (+ abl)  away from, from

ad (+ acc) to, towards

in (+ acc) into (+ abl) in, at

de (+ abl) down from, from, about

e/ex (+ abl) out of, out from, from

cum (+ abl) with     [ as in CUM LAUDE]


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