Elementary Latin: Translation of Aurora & Tithonus, a.d. VI Nonibus Decembris

Quiz tomorrow on conjugating 4th conjugation verbs and on personal pronouncs (ego/me, tu/te, is/ea/id, nos, vos, ei/eae/ea).

Translation of the passage from class is below.

Aurora dea Tithonum, virum pulchrum, amat. [The goddess Aurora loves Tithonus, a handsome/beautiful man.]
Venit igitur ad Iovem. [Therefore she comes to Jupiter.]
Venio, venire. Come
Ad. Towards
Iuppiter, Iovis. M. Jupiter, Zeus.

O rex deorum, dicit, audi me! [O king of the gods, hear me!]
Deus, dei. M. god.
Deus, dei, deo, deum, deo.
Dei, deorum, deis, deos, deis.
Audio, audire. Hear

Meus Tithonus non est deus; post paucos annos ad senectutem veniet. [My Tithonus is not a god; after a few years, he will come to old age.]
Pauci, few
Annus. Year
Senectus. Old age.
Veniam, venies, veniet.

Si vitam perpetuam huic dabis, te semper laudabo. [If you will give perpetual life to this man, I will always praise you.]
Stulta Aurora! [Stupid/silly Aurora!]

Um = neuter noun. Bellum
Um – accusative singular ending for a masculine noun in the 2nd declension

Magnum periculum illius doni non vides. [You do not see the great danger of that gift.]

Magnus. Big, great.

Periculum. Danger.

Illius. Of that

Donum,  doni. N. gift

Video, videre. see

Immortalitatem Tithono dat Iuppiter, sed ille, dum vivit, senescit. [Jupiter gives immortality to Tithonus, but that  one, while he lives, grows old.]

Do, dare. Give.

Ille. That one; he

Dum. While.

Vivo, vivere. Live

Senesco, senescere. Grow old

Tempus fugit: nunc Aurora bella [est], Tithonus non bellus est.
[Time flees. Now Aurora is beautiful, Tithonus is not handsome.]
Tempus, temporis. N. time
Fugio, fugere. Flee
Nunc. Now
Bellus, bella, bellum. Beautiful, handsome

Corpus rugosum curvumque iam non valet.
[The body, wrinkled and bent, now is not strong.]
Corpus, corporis. N. body
Rugosus. Wrinkled.
Curcus, bent, curved.
Iam = nunc
Valeo, valere. Be strong, flourish
Sapientia in animo non manet.
Sapientia. Wisdom.
In. in
Animus. Mind
Maneo, manere. Remain

Quid Aurora faciet? [What will Aurora do?]
Quid. What
Facio, facere. Do


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