Elementary Latin Final Exam; a.d. VII Idibus Decembris

Make a “cheat sheet” for use on the Final Exam (which will be 16 December, Wednesday, 9am, in the same room as our class).

Class on Monday, December 7, will begin at 9.20am.

~~What We Did~~


1st declension, ch. 2 (puella; f; very few m, like nauta, poeta)—2nd declension, ch. 3 & ch. 4 (puer, amicus, m; bellum, n)—3rd declension, ch. 7 (m, f, n: homo, hominis-m; civitas, civitatis-f, mater,matris-f; pater, patris-m; corpus, corporis-n)

hic, haec, hoc. this; these (ch. 9)

personal pronouns, ch. 11: ego, mei, mihi, me, me — tu, tui, tibi, te, teis, ea, id — nos, nostri, nobis, nos, nobis — vos, vestri, vobis, vos, vobis — ei, eae, ea

adjectives. can be like 1st & 2nd declension, ch. 1, 2, 3: malus, mala, malum (m, f, n); can also be like 3rd declension, ch. 7 (omnis, omne—you will only have to translate these, not decline them)


Know how to identify verbs in each conjugation, and to conjugate and translate them in present, imperfect, future.

amo, amare. 1st conjugation, ch. 1, 5
video, videre. 2nd conjugation, ch. 1, 5
dico, dicere. 3rd conjugation, ch. 8
facio, facere. 3rd conjugation -io, ch. 10
dormio, dormire. 4th conjugation, ch. 10

present, imperfect, future tenses.
imperative (extra credit)

2 irregular verbs:

sum, esse, ch. 4, 6. to be.  (sum, es, est, sumus, estis, sunt; eram, eras, erat, eramus, eratis, erant; ero, eris, erit, erimus, eritis, erunt)

possum, posse, ch. 4, 6. to be able, can. + infinitive (Possum omnia facere, “I am able to do all things”). possum, potes, potest, possumus, potestis, possunt (you only need to conjugate the present tense of this verb)


Uses of the Cases, ch. 2

nominative. subject

genitive. possession. of, ‘s, s;

dative. indirect object. to, for

accusative.  direct object

ablative. prepositions. by, with

vocative. addressing someone/something. o

There will be sight translation and translations from the passage on “Aurora and Tithonus” that we have been reading in class.


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