Elementary Latin a.d. IV Kalendis Aprilis

Read ch. 18 on the Passive voice.

1) Learn the passive voice endings for the present tense: or, ris, tur, mur, mini, ntur.

2) Learn the passive voice endings for the imperfect tense: bar, baris, batur, bamur, bamini, bantur.

Passive voice endings for the future tense: bor, beris, bitur, bimur, bimini, buntur

3) Translating the passive voice:

Passive voice of verbs

Endings for present tense of passive verb

Or                    o                                              amor   [ama + or]                     videor

Ris                   s                                               amaris                                          videris

Tur                   t                                               amatur                                           videtur

Mur            mus                                           amamur                                                videmur

Mini       tis                                             amamini                                                videmini

Ntur         nt                                             amantur                                                videntur

I am loved                                            I am seen  seed

You are loved                           you are seen

He/she/it is loved                      he/she/it is seen

We are loved                            we are seen

You are all loved                      y’all are seen

They are loved                          they are seen

Imperfect passive endings: bar, baris, batur, bamur, bamini, bantur

Amabar           I was loved

Amabaris                      You were loved

Amabatur                     he/she/it was loved

Amabamur                   we were loved

Amabamini               y’all were loved

Amabantur                   they were loved

Videbar                       I was seen

The Spartans were defeated by the Persians but we still remember the 300.

HOMEWORK: Conjugate in the present and imperfect passive,

Porto, portare (carry) —-  moneo, monere (warn). Also translate.

Amo, amare.  Love

Video, videre.  see

Active voice.

The boy loves the girl.    Puer amat puellam.

The girl does not love the boy. Puella non amat puerum.

The horse carries the man. Equus portat virum.

Passive voice= subject has something done to it.

The girl is loved by the boy.  Puella amatur a puero.

The boy is not loved by the girl. Puer non amatur a puella.

The man is carried by the horse. Vir portatur ab equo.

The horse is carried by the man.  Equus portatur a viro.

2 vowels in 2 different words following each other = hiatus

“It got broken. It happened. The vase was broken. ”

A, ab.  + verb in passive voice, means “by.”


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