Elementary Latin Pridie Idibus Aprilis

1) Chart of the 5 declensions: You will need to know these for the final exam. Never too early to get started!  If you are able, download this 5declchart and fill it out.

HOMEWORK: decline–facies (f), face; senatus (m), Senate; cornu (n), horn.

You will also need to know: The uses of the cases, starting with the nominative. Then genitive. Next, dative. And then, accusative. Finally, ablative.

2) Thursday’s quiz will be on the 4th and 5th declensions, and the imperfect and future passive of first and second conjugation verbs.

3) Active or passive (some sentences may contain both).

– After their taxes were filed, they felt a sense of relief.

– She mixed the batter for brownies, and added a little extra butter.

– Did you get your flu shot?

– The car was fixed by my neighbor, who is a mechanic.


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