Elementary Latin a. d. XIII Kalendis Maiis

See ch 21.

Study how to conjugate 3rd and 4th conjuation verbs in the passive voice, present and imperfect tenses.

Or, eris, itur, imur, imini, untur
ior, iris, itur, imur, imini, iuntur

Ebar, ebaris, ebatur, ebamur, ebamini, ebantur
iebar, iebaris, iebatur, iebamur, iebamini, iebantur

—-conjugate in present and imperfect, active AND passive voices:

tango, tangere. Touch
scio, scire. Know

Translate (sentence is on p 137 in the textbook): Senes in gente nostra ab filiis numquam neglegebantur.


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