Elementary Latin a.d. III Kalendis Maiis

Quiz CRAS on present, imperfect, future — passive voice — 3rd conjugation verbs and translation (from the passage we’ve been working on).

Extra credit = passive voice in 4th conjugation

3rd conjugation

emo, emere, empsi, emptus. buy   vendo, vendere. sell

em = stem

emOR        I am bought                        emo           I buy

emERIS                             emis

emITUR                            emit

emIMUR                           emimus

emIMINI                           emitis

emUNTUR                        emunt

active: I buy -à I am bought, you are bought, he/she is bought, we are bought, y’all are bought, they are bought

Imperfect tense

emEBAR – I was bought   emebam – I bought

emEBARIS                       emebas

emEBATUR    he/she was bought        emebat

emEBAMUR                     emebamus

emEBAMINI  y’all were bought        emebatis

emEBANTUR                   emebant

emAR        I will be bought     emam         I will buy

emERIS                             emes

emETUR   he/she will be bought                     emet

emEMUR                          ememus

emEMINI                          emetis

emENTUR they will be bought                  ement

passive infinitive   emere   –> emi ‘to be bought’

ducere  –> duci ‘to be led

ponere  –> poni ‘to be placed’

regere –> regi ‘to be ruled’


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