Friday, 27 August, MMX: First day of class

a.d. VI Kalendis Septembris

Welcome to a new semester in Collegio Sancti Petri.

~HOMEWORK~  ~all assignments should be completed by the start of class on Tuesday, 31 August~

Elementary Latin

  1. Read the syllabus.
  2. Purchase Wheelock’s Latin and read the Introduction (pp. xxxix – xliv) on the pronunciation of Latin and also ch. 1.
  3. Write out all the vocabulary words (Latin words + English definitions) on pp. 5-6 and start to memorize and learn these. The instructor will check that you have completed this work on Tuesday.
  4. Learn the endings for the present tense of verbs: -o, -s, -t, -mus, -tis, -nt. (These are also in ch. 1 of the book.)

Roman LPS

  1. Read the syllabus.
  2. Purchase Textbook on Roman Law and read ch. the introduction (pp. 1 – 24).
  3. What are the three main periods of Roman history and what are their dates?

Elementary Greek

  1. Read the syllabus.
  2. Purchase From Alpha to Omega and read Lesson 1 on the Greek alphabet.
  3. Learn the Greek alphabet!  Write all 24 letters of the alphabet, upper and lower case, out 2 times at least.

Intermediate Latin

  1. Read the syllabus.
  2. Purchase Wheelock’s Latin.
  3. Decline veritas, veritatis (f); tempus, temporis (n); mare, maris (n); exercitus, -us (m); genu, genus (n)
  4. Translate some of this poem (see pp. 304-5 of Wheelock for vocabulary).

I. ad Cornelium

Cui dono lepidum novum libellum
arida modo pumice expolitum?
Corneli, tibi: namque tu solebas
meas esse aliquid putare nugas.
Iam tum, cum ausus es unus Italorum
omne aevum tribus explicare cartis…
Doctis, Iuppiter, et laboriosis!
Quare habe tibi quidquid hoc libelli—
qualecumque, quod, o patrona virgo,
plus uno maneat perenne saeclo!


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