Homework due 17 September MMX

ante diem quintum decimum Kalendas Octobris (also see the Roman Date Calculator)

~HOMEWORK~ ~all assignments should be completed by the start of class on Friday, 17 September~

Elementary Latin

  1. Quiz: one sentence in Latin (study vocabulary and verb conjugations + imperative + infinitive). You CAN use the sheets on the first and second declension for this quiz and I’ll provide vocabulary.
  2. Extra credit will be to decline nouns in the 2nd declension (nouns like amicus & puer)

Roman LPS

  1. Read in Textbook on Roman Law, ch. 4, pp. 87 – 111
  2. Short essay, 2-3 pages: Choose one of the 12 tables and (1) paraphrase each law in your own words and with reference to what we have been discussing in class about Roman law, politics, and history and (2) explain what the laws on the Table you have chosen tell us about Roman society and culture in the early Republic.

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on the 1st declension of nouns  (alpha and eta type endings) and on the declension of the definite article, feminine gender.
  2. Learn endings for a noun like ‘goddess’ (thea) and for a noun like ‘skene‘ (tent) (p. 23)
  3. Vocabulary pp. 24-5.

Intermediate Latin

  1. Chapter 26 and 27 on the comparative and superlative of adjectives and adverbs.
  2. Learn the adjectives of irregular comparison (p. 180)
  3. More practice on translating indirect statement.
  4. (only if you have a lot of time!) Catullus poem 49 (p. 183).
  5. Meet in the HONORS HOUSE on Friday (between the mailroom and the Social Justice house on Glenwood Avenue)

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