Homework due September 21 MMX

ante diem XI Kalendas Octobris HOMEWORK~ ~all assignments should be completed by the start of class on Friday, 17 September~

Elementary Latin

  1. Read ch 4 on 2nd declension neuter nouns. Decline bellum, ‘war,’ and remedium, ‘remedy.’
  2. write out vocabulary pp. 27-28.
  3. Sentences 1& 2, p. 28.

Roman LPS

  1. Read on slavery in the Private Lives of the Romans.
  2. Short essay, 2-3 pages due at the start if class, printed out, 12 pt Times New Roman font: Choose one of the 12 tables and (1) paraphrase each law in your own words and with reference to what we have been discussing in class about Roman law, politics, and history and (2) explain what the laws on the Table you have chosen tell us about Roman society and culture in the early Republic.

Elementary Greek

  1. Read ch 5 on more 1st declension nouns.
  2. vocabulary pp. 30-31
  3. sentences 1-3 p. 31 (write out the sentences, find vocabulary, translate)

Intermediate Latin

  1. Ch. 28-29— conjugate in present & imperfect subjunctive, active and passive voices.
  2. 3 epigrams of Martial, 2 on p. 191, 192 and 1 on p. 200.
  3. More practice on translating indirect statement.

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