Homework for ante diem IV Kalendas Octobris

Dr. Chew is traveling out of town to attend a conference and class is cancelled on Friday, 25 September. Pleasem email her if you have any questions.


ante diem IV Kalendas Octobris HOMEWORK~ ~all assignments should be completed by the start of class on Tuesday, 28 September~

Elementary Latin

  1. Learn present tense of the verb ‘to be’ (p. 26)
  2. Sentences p. 29, #1-5
  3. The quiz on 30 September 1 October will be on declining 2nd declension nouns, both masculine and neuter (see ch. 3 and ch. 4)

Roman LPS

  1. Read in Textbook on Roman Law, ch. 5, pp.113-15-. li>

Elementary Greek

  1. Read ch 6 on the future tense of verbsli>
  2. vocabulary pp. 35-36.
  3. sentences 1-3 p. 36 (write out the sentences, find vocabulary, translate)

Intermediate Latin

  1. Ch. 29, p. 191. 1 epigrams by Martial; p. 191, 1-3, Sent. Anti.
  2. Read ch. 29 on purpose clause and 30 on the result clause.
  3. Subjunctive of verb ‘esse’ (p. 195)

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