Homework due October 5, Tuesday

HOMEWORK due ante diem tertium Nonas Octobris
~all assignments should be completed by the start of class on Tuesday, 5 October~

Elementary Latin

  1. If you did not take the quiz on the 2nd declension on Friday, please be prepared to take it on Tuesday.
  2. Read ch 5 on forming the imperfect and future tenses.
  3. Conjugate in the imperfect and future tenses: culpo, culpare (blame) and video, videre (see).
  4. write out vocabulary pp. 33-34.
  5. Sentences 1-2, p. 34.

Roman LPS

  1. Read in Textbook on Roman Law, ch 6, ‘Interests in property.’ (pp. 153-181).
  2. Midterm will be on October 12, Tursday

Elementary Greek

  1. The quiz on the Future Tense has been reschedule for Tuesday.
  2. Read ch 7 on 2nd declension masculine nouns.
  3. Decline the words for ‘horse’ (ίππος) and ‘road’ (οδός) and also the masculine wor for ‘the’
  4. vocabulary pp. 41-42
  5. sentences 1, 6 p. 42 (write out the sentences, find vocabulary, translate)

Intermediate Latin

  1. Perfect and pluperfect subjunctives in ch. 29– conjugate Pono, ponere, posui, positum (place) in all 4 tenses of the subjunctive, active and passive.
  2. Ch. 29 on result clauses.
  3. p. 199, #8, 9;
  4. Ch. 30 on indirect questions and sequence of tenses.

Find the perfect passive participle
Find the perfect passive participle on one of the magazine covers.


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