Elementary Latin vocabulary words (Wheelock ch. 4, 5, 6)

Vocabulary words for the quiz on 8 October, Friday.

Ch. 4
Basium. Kiss
Bellum. War
Consilium. Plan
Cura. Care
Donum. Gift
Exitium. Destruction
Magister. Teacher
Mora. Delay
Nihil. Nothing
Oculus. Eye
Officium. Duty
Otium. Leisure
Periculum. Peril, danger
Remedium. Cure
Bellus, Bella, bellum. Pretty
Bonus. Good
Malus. Bad
Parvus. Smalll
Sum. I am

Ch. 5
Animus. Mind, soul
Caelum. Sky
Culpa. Blame
Gloria. Glory
Verbum. Word
Te. You
Liber, libera, liberum. Free
Noster. Our
Pulcher. Beautiful
Cras. Tomorrow
Heri. Yesterday
Tum. Then
Ceno. Dine
Culpo. Blame

Ch. 6
Dea. Goddess
Discipula. Student
Liber, Libri. Book
Tyrranus. Tyrant
Vitium. Fault, vice
Graecus. Greek
Perpetuus. Perpetual
Plenus. Full of
Vester. Your
-que. And
Ubi. Where
Nunc. Now
Possum. I can, am able


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