Homework due 12 October MMX

The following assignments are due at the start of our next class on Tuesday, 12 October, MMX. Enjoy the festum diem Christophori Columbi!

OPTIMAM FORTUNAM to all those taking the LSAT (omnibus LSAT acturis).

Elementary Latin
Conjugate in the present, future, and imperfect: ceno, cenare (dine) AND maneo, manere (remain) AND sum, esse (be).
Decline in all 6 cases (note the GENDER of each word): gloria (f) — animus (m) —- caelum (n).
Sentences p. 34, #5 and #6.

Roman Law, Politics and Society
Midterm! !!!! See the List of terms to identify.

Elementary Greek
Conjugate in the present and future: λειπω (leave).
Decline in all 5 cases (note the GENDER of each word): αδελφή (f) — θεός (m) —- τεκνον (n).
Sentences p. 42, #6 and #10.
Review ch. 8 on neuter nouns.

Intermediate Latin
Read ch. 30 on indirect questions and sequence of tenses.
Translate: Sententiae Antiquae, p. 207, 1, 2, 3, 9.


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