Homework due 19 October mmx

The following assignments are due at the start of our next class on Tuesday, 19 October, MMX.

Elementary Latin
Ch 6: 2 irregular verbs, sum/esse and possum/posse— learn present, imperfect, future
P. 40- sentences 3.

posse robin hood sheriff Pictures, Images and Photos



Roman Law, Politics and Society
Read ch. 6 again about property (res).

Be able to give definitions of these terms: res, res mancipi, animus, servitude, praedial servitude, bonitary ownership, usufruct, emphyteuris,

Start ch. 7 on the notion of ownership (pp. 182-207).

Elementary Greek
 **read Ch 9 on attributive and predicate position**—be able to explain what these are!

If you want to get ahead for next week: Start looking at 1st declension masculine nouns like μαθητής and νεανιας and endings page 53

– vocabulary pp 56-57

Intermediate Latin
Quiz on the subjunctive passive PRESENT, IMPERFECT, PERFECT, PLUPERFECT.

And translating: purpose clause, result clause, indirect question


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