Homework due 22 October mmx

HOMEWORK due ante diem XVI Kalendas Novembris
~all assignments should be completed by the start of class on Friday, 22 October

Elementary Latin

  1. Quiz on SUM, ESSE and POSSE, POSSUM in present, imperfect and future tenses.
  2. See ch 4 and ch 6.
  3. Sentences 2, 5, p. 39.

Roman Law

  1. Read in Textbook on Roman Law, ch 7 ownership.’ (pp. 182-207)

<Elementary Greek

  • Review ch. 8, pp. 48-49 on the attributive and predicative use of adjectives. The quiz will contain short phrases to translate.
  • Intermediate Latin

    1. Read ch. 31 on cum clauses.
    2. .

    3. Sentences p. 214, #3; p. 215, #10; #3 (Sententiae Antiquae).

    ‘in umbrella navigare possumus.’


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