Homework due 26 October

HOMEWORK due ante diem VII Kalendas Novembris
~all assignments should be completed by the start of class on Tuesday, 26 October

Elementary Latin

  1. Read ch 7 on 3rd declension nouns.
  2. Decline amor, amoris M — homo, hominis M—- civitas, civitatis F tempus, temporis N —- nomen, nominis N.
  3. Write out vocabulary, p. 45.
  4. Sentences 5, 6 p. 46.

Roman Law

  1. Read in Textbook on Roman Law, ch 8 on inheritance (pp. 208-248).

Elementary Greek

  1. Ch. 9, another type of 1st declension noun.
  2. Vocabulary, pp. 56-57.
  3. Sentences, p. 57, #1 and 9.

Intermediate Latin

  1. Translate Catullus 5 poem, p. 216.
  2. Review/learn the irregular verb p. 213.
  3. Read ch. 32, formation and comparison of adverbs.

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