Homework due the Nones of November MMX

(a Latin will, 2nd century)

Note that the following assignments are due at the start of class on the 5th of November.

Elementary Latin

  1. Quiz on 3rd declension nouns and vocabulary ch 7-8; 3rd conjugation verbs in present, imperfect and future tenses are EXTRA CREDIT.
  2. See ch 8
  3. Sentences 1, 2, 3, p. 52.

Roman Law, Politics, and Society

  1. Review the Textbook on Roman Law about inheritance and wills, pp 208-248. Fir chapters 6, 7, 8, make a list of 5 terms (5 from each chapter) that you think are important.

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on the imperfect tense.
  2. See ch 10.
  3. Sentences 3, 5, p. 63.

Intermediate Latin

  1. ch. 33 on conditions.
  2. p. 231-2, Catullus poem.

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