Homework due the 12th of November

HOMEWORK due pridie Idus Novembris
~all assignments should be completed by the start of class on Friday, 12 November.

Elementary Latin

  1. Quiz on Friday on translation (2 sentences, one with the SUBJECT – DIRECT OBJECT – VERB form)  and 3rd conjugation verbs (present, imperfect, future).
  2. Read ch. 9 on demonstrative adjectives and learn ille, illa, illud = ‘that, those’ and hic, haec, hoc = ‘this, these’.
  3. Sentences p. 59, 1-2 (practice and review).

Roman Law

  1. Read on Julius Caesar.
  2. For next week if you want to get ahead–inTextbook on Roman Law, ch 9 on contracts (pp. 290-317).
  3. 2nd paper topic coming up……

Elementary Greek

  1. quiz on verbs.
  2. Review pp. 65-69 54-56 on the active/middle/passive voice of verbs.
  3. Conjugate in the
    and imperfect

    In the
    middle and passive voices
  4. Write in English: 1 sentence in the active voice and one in the passive voice.
  5. Sentences p. 71, 1 and 2.

Intermediate Latin

  1. ch. 34 on deponent verbs.
  2. Sentences, p. 240, 1-4.
  3. Make a list of all the deponent verbs on p. 239 and learn thm.

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