Elementary Latin and Elementary Greek: translation of sentences from homework

Elementary Latin:

Graeci cum Troianis bellum gerunt. Magnum equum ligneum sub portis urbis Troiae nocte relinquunt.

The Greeks wage war with the Trojans. They leave a large wooden horse under the gates of the city of Troy at night.

Troiani equum ibi inveniunt. ‘Graeci equum Minervae dedicant,’ dicunt. ‘Si donum Graecorum ad templum deae ducemus, pacem habebimus et vitam bonae fortunae agemus.’

The Trojans find the horse there. ‘The Greeks dedicate the horse to Minerva,’ they say. ‘If we will lead the gift of the Greeks to the temple of the goddess, we will have peace and we will lead a life of good fortune.’

Sed Laocoon, sacerdos magnae virtutis sapientiaeque audet populum monere.

But Laocoon, a priest of great virtue and wisdom, dares to warn the people.

 ‘Sine ratione cogitatis, o Troiani!

Without reason you think, O Trojans!

 Si copiae in equo sunt, magno in periculo erimus.

If troops are in the horse, we will be in great danger/peril. 

Non debetis Graecis credere, nam Graeci semper sunt falsi.’

You ought not believe the Greeks, for the Greeks always are deceitful/false.


Elementary Greek:

From pg. 77, ‘A Sheepish Mistake.’

Λύκοι μεν πρόβατα κλεπτειν ηθελον, κυνες δ´ εφυλαττον.

On the one hand, wolves wanted to steal sheep, on the other hand, dogs guarded [them].

οι ουν λύκοι τοις προβατοις λεγουσιν•
Therefore the wolves say to the sheep:

Έστω η ειρήνη. Τοις μεν γε προβατοις ουκ εσμεν εχθροί, τοις δε κυσιν.

Be at peace. We are not enemies to the sheep, on the one hand, but, n the other hand, to the dogs.


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