Homework due on 4 Feb

Salvete, omnes discipuli discipulaeque! / γειά σου!

Elementary Latin

  1. Review of 3rd conjugation nouns, m/f/n.
  2. Perfect tense—pluperfect tense—future perfect tense (ch. 12)
  3. Read ch. 12; write out vocabulary pp. 78-79.
  4. QUIZ: on principal parts of verbs

1)Video, videre, vidi, visum. What is this?

2) Name each part.

3) Translate each part.

4) Give the suffixes for a 1st conjugation verb:   laud-

Classics and Film

  1. Finish watching O Brother Where Art Thou? if you haven’t. Be ready to provide answers to these two questions: (1) A reference to Homer’s Odyssey in the movie; (2) a reference to the 1930s Depression Era South in the movie.
  2.  Some web resources
  1. Read Books 13-17. from Homer’s Odyssey. You can read the poem online.

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on Chapter 13: vocabulary; demonstratives: Learn οδε, ηδε, τοδε (this; these); ουτος, αυτή, τούτο (this/that; these/those); εκείνος, εκείνη, εκείνο (that/those).
  2. P. 81, sentences 5 and 6.
  3. Here’s the PDF from class on demonstrative pronouns.

Intermediate Latin

  1. Selections from Ovid’s Metamorphoses on Daedalus and Icarus.
  2. Websites about Ovid

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