Vocabulary for quiz in Greek class

I am not sure if the words in Greek from ch 18 appear correctly on the handout, so here they are again:

Αγγελλω, αγγέλω, ηγγειλα. Announce, report

Ερωταω, ερωτησω, ηρωτησα. Ask, question.

Πωλεω, πώλησω, επωλησα. Sell.

Άγγελος, ο. Messenger

Μόνος, -η, -ον. Alone, only
Ολιγος, -η, -ον. Few, little
Πολύς, πολλή, πολύ. Much,many

Περί. Around, about (preposition with genitive or accusative)


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