Homework due 5 April MMXI

Salvete, omnes! / γειά σου!

Elementary Latin

  1. Read ch. 22 on the fifth declension of nouns.
  2. Decline: spes, fides.
  3. Future tense, passive voice endings for 3rd conjugation: -ar, -eris, -etur, -emur, -emini, -entur —- for 4th conjugation: -iar,  -ieris, -ietur, -iemur, -iemini, -ientur
  4. vocabulary p. 143-144.
  5. Sententiae Antiquae, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Classics and Film

  1. Watch the film Medea. Some scenes are here.
  2. Read Euripides’ play, Medea; it is online here.
  3. Extra reading: Excerpt of Metamorphoses, Book 4, about Perseus.

Elementary Greek

  1. Look at ch. 20 on the perfect tense.
  2. Ch 18 story, p. 115: Hermes Finds Himself a Bargain: (1) Copy out lines 1- 6; (2) look up vocabulary; (3) translate as much as you can..
  3. You may find this handout 1st Aorist 2nd Aorist helpful.

Intermediate Latin

  1. Selections from Cicero’s De Amicitia.

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