Quattuor Dies! τέσσερις ημέρες!

Salvete, omnes! / γειά σου!

Elementary Latin

  1. ULTIMA PROBATIO PARVA on Ch. 24 on the ablative absolute, passive periphrastic, and other ways to translate participles.
  2. Webpage with information about the ablative absolute.
  3. Sample sentences using all the participles:
  • Pater vidit puellam librum legentem.
  • Puella fratri dat librum lectum.
  • Puer librum lecturus non erat felix.
  • Puella dicit fratri, “liber legendus tibi [est].’
  • Puero librum legente, digitus nocet graviter, multus sanguis est, et mortuus est.

Classics and Film

  1. Watch Star Wars.
  2. Watch some of Protagonist (again).  Some parts of it are online via YouTube.
  3. Read / go over the readings we’ve done for class: Agamemnon  — Medea — Metamorphoses — Aristotle’s Poetics—Arrian (http://www.shsu.edu/~his_ncp/ArrAlex.html).

Elementary Greek

  1. LAST QUIZ on Lesson 23: relative pronoun — you can find it on the webpage here too ——and the middle voice of the perfect and pluperfect.
  2. Nifty Greek Handouts
  3. :EXTRA: Conjugate the word for ‘I see’ οραω in all tenses (present, future, imperfect, aorist, perfect, pluperfect)

Intermediate Latin

  1. Selections from Book I of Livy’s Ab Urbe Condita.

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