Duo Dies!

Salvete, omnes! / γειά σου!

Elementary Latin

  1. Translate lines 5 – 10  of passage.
  2. Get your Cheat Sheet ready.

Classics and Film

  1. PAPER.  Assignment is here—the paper is due on the last day of class (May 6th), if you want to have the chance to revise; after May 6th, you can still turn in the paper, but you won’t be able to revise. You can turn the paper in as late as May 17th when we have the exam.
  2. Film terms: motif, cut, shot (see this online glossary).
  3. Review the readings we’ve done for class: Agamemnon  — Medea — Metamorphoses — Aristotle’s Poetics—Arrian (http://www.shsu.edu/~his_ncp/ArrAlex.html).

Elementary Greek

  1. Get your cheat sheet ready.
  2. You might find Nifty Greek Handouts helpful.
  3. Translate practice, p.,  137.

Intermediate Latin

  1. Selections from Book I of Livy’s Ab Urbe Condita.

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