Homework due 9.9.11

Elementary Latin ~ due V a.d. Idibus Septembris

  1. Quiz on conjugating / translating present tense and infinitive of 1st and 2 conjugation verbs (amO, amAre — vidEO, vidEre) and ch. 1 vocabulary (Latin –> English).
  2. Endings for present tense, 1st conjugation: -O, -S, -T, -MUS, -TIS, -NT.
  3. Review: Latin from class: Quid nomen tibi est? Nomen mini est ______. / Salve, salvete; vale, valete. / Gratias (tibi ago). Salutatio.

Latin vocabulary. ch. 1

amo, amare. love         laudo, laudare. praise          clamo, clamare. shout

cogito, cogitare. think         do, dare. give         erro, errare.  err, make a mistake

servo, servare.  save         moneo, monere.   warn      terreo, terrere. frighten

video, videre.   see        salve, salvete. hello!    vale, valete!  good bye

gratias (tibi ago). thank you      salutatio.  you’re welcome

non.  no          ita vero.  yes!

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on the Greek alphabet; rough and smooth breathings; 3 accent marks.

Intermediate Latin

  1. Translation and grammar practice: Participles and infinitives, ablative absolute and indirect statement.

Classical Mythology

  1. Read Introduction to Mythology, Ch. 3,  pp. 25 – 41 — creation myths by Hesiod.
  2. Read Anthology of Classical Myth, Hesiod’s Theogony.  A translation of the Theogony is online here.
  3. Learn the Olympic gods and goddesses (Greek and Roman names) – see this helpful chart.
  4. Small quiz on names of gods and goddesses (Greek and Roman names).

Intermediate Greek

  1. Review all 3rd declension nouns (3 different chapters); contract verbs (all 3 types); participles (active; present, future, aorist, perfect).
  2. Sentences to translate.
  3. Conjugations and declining practice.

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