Homework due 16 Sept – 16 Σεπτεμβριου

Elementary Latin~ due α.d. Xvi kalendis octobris

  1. Quiz on 1st declension nouns —  chapter 2 vocabulary —  names of 6 cases: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, ablative, vocative; 3 genders: masculine, feminine, neuter
  2. Sample sentence (for extra credit):   —    Nauta puellae rosas multas dat.   —-   Poeta nautae in porta vocat.

Latin vocabulary. ch. 2: fama — rumor ira — anger nauta –sailor patria — country pecunia — money poena — punishment porta — gate puella — girl vita — life magnus, -a, -um — large multus, – a, -um much, many et –and o — oh! est – he/she/it is

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on conjugating verbs in present active tense / infinitive / imperatives (3rd pers. imperative is extra credit)
  2. Endings for present tense (ω, εις, ει, ομεν, ετε, ουσι (ν) ); infinitive (ειν); imperative (ε, ετε — ετω, οντων).
  3. Vocabulary:
    1. λυω destroy, loosen
    2. γραφω write, draw
    3. εθελω wish (+ infinitive) 
    4. θυω sacrifice κλεπτω steal
    5. παιδευω teach, educate σπευδω hasten, strive
    6. φυλαττω guard μη not, “don’t”
    7. ου (ουκ, ουχ) no, not
    8. και and, also, even
    9. και…και….. both…and…

Classical Mythology

  1. Read Introduction to Mythology, Ch. 6 & 7, pp. 42 – 56 — creation stories from Enuma Elish and the prose Edda.
  2. If you don’t have the book yet: Enuma Elish is here.   The prose Edda is here.

Intermediate Latin

  1. Translation and grammar practice: Ch. 27: Irregular comparison of adjectives and adverbs.
  2. Learn irregular forms of comparative and superlative.
  3. More sentences to translate using indirect statement.

Intermediate Greek

  1. Middle/passive participles; enclitics and accent marks; direct and indirect questions.
  2. Forms participles for verbs.
  3. Translation of passage.

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