Homework due a.d. IX Kalendis Octobris / 23 Σεπτεμβρίου η Παρασκευή

Elementary Latin~ due α.d. xvi kalendis octobris

  1. Quiz on  the second declension (m) and vocabulary.
  2. Decline filius (son) —  puer (boy).
  3. Read ch. 3 on the 2nd declension of neuter nouns (like bellum, war).

Latin vocabulary. ch. 3: ager, agri (field) agricola (farmer) amicus (friend) filius (son) populus people) numerus (number) puer (boy) vir (man) femina (woman) filia (daughter) pauci, paucae, pauca (few) de (prep + abl) (down from, about) in (prep + abl) (in) hodie (today) semper (always) habeo, habere (have, hold)

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on the First Declension of nouns and vocabulary
  2. Endings for the first declension (η, ης, η, ην — αι, ων, αις, ας) (α, ας, α, αν — αι, ων, αις, ας).
  3. Learn the definite article (“the”):  η, της, τη, την  —  αι, των, ταις, τας
  4. Vocabulary:
    1. πεμπω send
    2. η αγορα, -ας marketplace
    3. η επιστολη, -ης letter
    4. η ησυχια, -ας leisure, quiet
    5. η θεα, -ας goddess
    6. η σκηνη, -ης tent
    7. η χωρα, -ας land, countryside
    8. εις into (prep. w. acc.)
    9. εκ / εξ out of (prep. w. gen.)
    10. εν in (prep. w. dat.)
    11. ω oh

Classical Mythology

  1. Read Anthology of Classical Myth, Homeric Hymns (pp. 168-210) to Dionysius, Demeter, Apollo, Hermes.
  2. Read Introduction to Mythology, ch. 10, “Nü Kwa: A Chinese Creator Goddress p. 110 – 124.
  3. Think of a contemporary book, movie, tv show, work of art — anything, really! — that makes a clear reference to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Write down what it is and explain in a (short) paragraph.

Intermediate Latin

  1. Translation and grammar practice: Ch. 28: Subjunctive Mood.
  2. Learn subjunctive (present); jussive and purpose clause.
  3. More sentences to translate.
  4. Quiz on Friday.

Intermediate Greek

  1. Ch 27 & 28: Aorist and Future Passive.
  2. Passage to translate.
  3. Meet on Thursday, 22 September.

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