Homework due Pridie Kalendis Octobris / 30 Σεπτεμβριου η Παρασκευη

Elementary Latin~ due pridie Kalendis Octobris

  1. Quiz on declining 2nd declension nouns like puer/vir, bellum (war) —  magister, magistr- (teacher) and vocabulary. There is an online chart here — just ignore the case called the “locative.”
  2. Verb “to be”: sum, es, est, sumus, estis, sunt.    Infinitive = esse.
  3. Sentences:    Bella sunt mala et multa pericula habent.  —   Officium nautam de otio hodie vocent.

Latin vocabulary. ch. 4: bellum (n) war  —  consilium (n) plan — cura (f) care, anxiety — donum (n) gift — exitium (n) destruction — magister, -tri (m) teacher — mora (f) delay  – nihil (n) nothing — oculus (m) eye —  officium (n) duty   otium (n) leisure — periculum (n) danger — malus, -a, -um bad, evil — parvus, -a, -um small — sum, esse  to be

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on the future tense (p. 33-35) — Extra credit – nouns like η θαλαττα, της θαλαττης (α, ης, η, αν — αι, ων, αις, ας)
  2. Forming the future tense: stem + add σ + ω, εις, ει, ομεν, ετε, ουσι (ν)
  3. Vocabulary:
    1. ακουω  hear, listen (+ genitive or accusative)
    2. βλαπτω  harm
    3. κελευω command, order
    4. η δεσποινα, – ης  mistress, lady
    5. η θαλαττα, – ης  sea
    6. η θεραπαινα, – ης servant, maid
    7. η κλινη, – ης  couch
    8. η μοιρα, – ας  fate, destiny
    9. η ωρα, – ας season, hour; (+ infinitive, “it is time”)
    10. επει / επειδη  when, after, since, because
    11. διωκω, διωξω pursue
    12. εχωμ εξω / σχησω have; + inf, be able
    13. μελλω, μελλησω = + future inf, intend;  + present inf, hesitate
    14. η κορη girl, maiden
    15. η οικια house, household
    16. αλλα but

Classical Mythology

  1. Read Introduction to Mythology, pp. 125 – 154 (myths of destruction) and, if you’d like to get ahead, the section on ritual on pp. 367 – 402.

Intermediate Latin

  1. Ch. 29: Imperfect subjunctive.
  2. Subjunctive of sum:  sim, sis, sis, simus, sitis, sint.
  3. Result clauses.
  4. Translate sentences 1 – 6 (Sententiae Antiquae) p. 191.

Intermediate Greek

  1. Ch 28: Future Passive; οιδα.
  2. Passage to translate.

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2 responses to “Homework due Pridie Kalendis Octobris / 30 Σεπτεμβριου η Παρασκευη

  • John Charles Holoduek, Jr.

    Dear Dr. Chew,

    I have finished reading the Destruction Myths’ section. You had also assigned us a reading from the section Ritual and Myth. How much of this section in Introduction to Mythology do you want us to read. You did not list it above, it seems like you copied part of the homework assignment from last time. (This is for Greek and Roman Mythology.)


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