Homework due ix a.d. Idibus Octobris / 7 Οκτοβριου η Παρασκευή

Elementary Latin~ due ix a.d. Idibus Octobris

  1. Quiz on Imperfect and Future tenses.
  2. Learn the endings for the imperfect tense: bam, bas, bat, bamus, batis, bant.
  3. Learn the endings for the future tensebo, bis, bit, bimus, bitis, bunt.
  4. Vocabulary on this quiz will be extra credit.
  5. Sentences p. 33: Periculumne igitur heri remanebat?  —   Da veniam filio et filiabus nostris.

Latin vocabulary. ch. 5:

  1. animus, -i. m. soul, mind
  2. caelum, -i. n. sky, heaven
  3. culpa, -ae. f. fault, blame
  4. verbum, -i. n. word
  5. -ne. indicates that the sentence is a question; placed at end of sentence. Ex: Estne bonus?
  6. cras. tomorrow
  7. heri. yesterday
  8. quando. when
  9. tum. then

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on Ch. 7: Second declension: -ος, -ου, -ω, -ον, -ε / / -οι, -ων, -οις, ους and Masculine article, “the”: ο, του, τω, τον // οι, των, τοις, τους
  2. Neuter article: το, του, τω, το   //  τα, των, τοις, τα
  3. Ch. 7 vocabulary
Ch. 7 vocabulary
η αδελφη sister
ο αδελφος brother
ο ανθρωπος human being, man(kind)
ο θεος god
ο ιππος horse
ο λιθος stone, rock
η λuπη pain, grief
η οδος road
ο ποταμος river
η χαρα joy
απο (+ gen) from, away from

Classical Mythology

  1. Read Introduction to Mythology, ch. 28 – ch 29, pp. 403 – 428, ‘Isis and Osiris’ and ‘Deciphering a Meal.’
  2. Here is the paper topic that you should have submitted via email to kchew@spc.edu. If you have not sent in your topic yet, it is due by WEDNESDAY afternoon, 5 October.

Essay #1: Cosmogonies

We have been studying a number of mythical accounts of creation and of destruction to understand how ancient cultures understood how the world came to be; why it is created as it is; how it will end. How does our culture (how do we; how do you) explain these concerns today? Compare the contemporary account(s)  with one of the following: Hesiod’s Theogony, Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Enuma Elisha. (If you would like to use one of the other creation myths, please check with me first.)

Due Date: Tuesday, October 11.
Length & Format: 3-4 pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times Roman


Practical Matters: Your essay should:
– include a thesis with a distinct argument. A thesis should be unified and worth arguing; it is not simply a description of your major points; it does not simply summarize what an essay will be “about.” Articulate your thesis early in your essay to communicate your position to your reader.
– include an introduction that contains a strong and clear thesis and also a conclusion.
quote the primary text you have chosen throughout your essay and, preferably, offer an explanation in your own words of what the quotation is saying.
document sources using a consistent citation method (MLA, APA, Chicago). Include a list of Works Cited at the end of your essay.
– I can read a draft (even a few paragraphs) of your essay to ensure that you are “on the right track.” Please email me any writing by Thursday evening, October 6, to ensure that I have time to read your writing and respond.

Intermediate Latin

  1. Perfect and pluperfect subjunctive.
  2. Translate sentences.

Intermediate Greek

  1. More on third declension nouns, genitive absolute, κτλ.
  2. Passage and sentences to translate.

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