UPDATED: Midterm – Latin & Greek – Pridie Idibus Ocrobris

An earlier post was sent — please disregard the earlier one and use this one!

Elementary Latin~ due pridie Nonibus Octobris — Midterm (Maior Probatio) OCTOBER 14

  1. Chapter 6: Verb sum, esse (to be) and possum, posse (to be able + infinitive).
  2. Conjugation of sum, esse in present, imperfect, future is here.
  3. Conjugation of possum, posse in present, imperfect, future is here.
  4. MIDTERM: Conjugation SUM and POSSUM (present, imperfect, future) and second declension masculine and neuter nouns (numerus/ager and bellum), and 2 sentences of medium length.

Elementary Greek

  1. Definite Article in all 3 genders
  2. Verbs in future tense (from list below)
  3. 2 sentences of medium length
  4. Words to know for translation:και    αλλα    εν    εκ / εξ      εις        ου / ουκ       verbs     “the”
λυω, λυσω destroy
θυω, θυσω sacrifice
παιδευω, παιδευσω educate, teach
βλαπτω, βλαψω harm, injure
κλεπτω, κλεψω steal
λειπω, λειψω leave
πεμπω, πεμψω send
γραφω, γραψω write, draw
διωκω, διωξω pursue
αλλαττω, αλλαξω change
φυλαττω, φυλλαξω guard
σπεωδω, σπευσω hasten, strive

Classical Mythology

  1. Read Anthology of Classical Myth: selections by Apollodorus.

Midterm on identification of terms — 3-5 sentence definitions.

Paratactic, syntactic (MJ) , myth (JH), ritual (JH) Hesiod, Theogony, chaos (SCM), Ages of Humans, cosmogony, Pandora (YE), Prometheus, Olympian gods, (JM)Demeter, Persephone/Kore (ZA), Eleusinian mysteries, syncretism (JP), aetiological myth, Isis and Osiris (SM), rite of passage (CJ), flood, Enuma Elish (JM), euhemerism (JP), Edda, Nu Kwa and Chinese creation myth, African creation myth (Kintu) (JM), liminality, liminoid, (AP) linear A and B, oral transmission (CJ), Muses (daughters of Mnemosyne) (YE)

Intermediate Latin

  1. Ch 33 (conditions).
  2. Translate sentences.

Intermediate Greek

  1. Subjunctive and optative of verbs,
  2. Passage to translate.

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