Homework due XV Kalendis Novembris / 18 Οκτοβριου η Τριτη

Elementary Latin~ due ΧV Kalendis Novembris

  1. Vocabulary, ch. 7
  • amor, amoris m.  love
  • carmen, carminis n. song, poem
  • civitas, civitatis f . state, citizenship
  • homo, hominis m. human being, man
  • labor, laboris m. labor, task
  • mos, moris m. habit, custom
  • nomen, nominis n. name
  • pax, pacis f. peace
  • regina f. queen
  • rex, regis m. king
  • tempus, temporis n. time
  • terra f. earth
  • uxor, uxoris f. wife
  • virgo, virginis f. maiden, virgin
  • novus, -a, -um. new
  • post prep. + acc., after, behind
  • sub, prep. + abl. under
  • audeo, audere. dare + complementary infinitive
  • neco, necare. kill

Elementary Greek

  1. Ch. 9 First declension masculine nouns: -ο, -ου, -ω, -ο, -ον / / -α, -ων, -οις, -α, -α
  2. Read ch. 9 about “substantives” (pp. 54-56).
  3. Greek news sites: kathimerini.gr  —   ethnos.gr
  4. Ch. 9 vocabulary
  • δουλευω.   be a slave to, serve (+ dative)
  • ο δεσποτης, – ου   master
  • ο μαθητης, – ου  student
  • ο νεανιας, -ου young man, youth
  • ο οικετης, -ου  servant (of household), family member
  • αθανατος, -ον    immortal
  • αναξιος, -ον    worthless + genitive or infinitive
  • δουλος, -η, -ον enslaved    slave
  • ελευθερος, -α, -ον   free
  • κακος, -η, -ον   bad, evil, ugly, cowardly
  • προτερος, -α, -ον   former, earlier

Classical Mythology

  1. Midterm on identification of terms — 3-5 sentence definitions.

    Paratactic, syntactic (MJ) , myth (JH), ritual (JH) Hesiod, Theogony, chaos (SCM), Ages of Humans, cosmogony (JA), Pandora (YE), Prometheus, Olympian gods, (JM)Demeter, Persephone/Kore (ZA), Eleusinian mysteries, syncretism (JP), aetiological myth, Isis and Osiris (SM), rite of passage (CJ), flood, Enuma Elish (JM), euhemerism (JP), Edda, Nu Kwa and Chinese creation myth, African creation myth (Kintu) (JM), liminality, liminoid, (AP) linear A and B, oral transmission (CJ), Muses (daughters of Mnemosyne) (YE)

Intermediate Latin

  1. Ch 33 (conditions).
  2. Translate sentences.

Intermediate Greek

  1. Subjunctive and optative.
  2. Passage to translate

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