Homework due XII a.d. Kalendis Octobris / 21 Οκτοβριου η Παρασκευη

Elementary Latin~ due ΧII Kalendis Novembris

  1. Quiz on the 3rd declension and vocabulary (ch. 7)
  2. Vocabulary, ch. 7
  • amor, amoris m.  love
  • carmen, carminis n. song, poem
  • civitas, civitatis f . state, citizenship
  • homo, hominis m. human being, man
  • labor, laboris m. labor, task
  • mos, moris m. habit, custom
  • nomen, nominis n. name
  • pax, pacis f. peace
  • regina f. queen
  • rex, regis m. king
  • tempus, temporis n. time
  • terra f. earth
  • uxor, uxoris f. wife
  • virgo, virginis f. maiden, virgin
  • novus, -a, -um. new
  • post prep. + acc., after, behind
  • sub, prep. + abl. under
  • audeo, audere. dare + complementary infinitive
  • neco, necare. kill

Elementary Greek

  1. Ch. 9 First declension masculine nouns: -ης, -ου, -η, ην, -α/-η // -αι,-ων, -αις, -ας, -αι
  2. Read ch. 9 about “substantives” (pp. 54-56).
  3. Sentences p. 57: 1, 2, 5.
  4. Ch. 9 vocabulary
  • δουλευω.   be a slave to, serve (+ dative)
  • ο δεσποτης, – ου   master
  • ο μαθητης, – ου  student
  • ο νεανιας, -ου young man, youth
  • ο οικετης, -ου  servant (of household), family member
  • αθανατος, -ον    immortal
  • αναξιος, -ον    worthless + genitive or infinitive
  • δουλος, -η, -ον enslaved    slave
  • ελευθερος, -α, -ον   free
  • κακος, -η, -ον   bad, evil, ugly, cowardly
  • προτερος, -α, -ον   former, earlier

Classical Mythology

  1. Read in Introduction to Mythology on Heroes and Tricksters and the Epic of Gilgamesh, pp. 155 – 202.

Intermediate Latin

  1. Ch 33 (conditions).
  2. Translate sentences.

Intermediate Greek

  1. Subjunctive and optative.
  2. Passage to translate

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