Homework due a.d. V Kalendis Novembris / 28 Οκτωβριου η Παρασκευη

Elementary Latin~ due a.d. VIII Kalendis Novembris

** Please note that, if you arrive after 8:15am on Friday, you will have to make up the quiz at a separate time outside of class. **

  1. Quiz on Ch. 8: Third conjugation of verbs and one sentence to translate.
  2. Present tense endings: o, is, it, is, imus, itis, unt
  3. Imperfect tense endings: e + bam, bas, bat, bamus, batis, bant
  4. Future tense endings: am, es, et, emus, etis, ent
  5. p. 53, #4 and #8.
  6. Vocabulary, ch. 8
  • frater, fratris m brother
  • laus, laudis f praise
  • libertas, libertatis f liberty, freedom
  • ratio, rationis f reason
  • soror, sororis f sister
  • ad + accusative  into, towards
  • ex / e  + ablative  out of
  • numquam  never
  • ago, agere, egi, actum.   drive
  • disco, discere, didici. learn
  • doceo, docere, docui, doctum. teach
  • duco, ducere, duxi, ductum. lead
  • gero, gerere, gessi, gestum. carry (on)
  • scribo, scribere, scripsi, scriptum. write
  • vinco, vincere, vici, victum. conquer

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on the imperfect tense.
  2. Imperfect tense endings: ον, ες, ε (ν), ομεν, ετε, ον
  3. Sentence with correlatives: μεν…. δε….  (examples are 2, 4, 8).
  4. Ch. 10 vocabulary
λεγω, ερω / λεξω  say, speak
πραττω, πραξω  do
φευγω, φευξομαι  flee
η αληθεια, -ας    truth
ο θανατος, -ου death
ο κινδυνος, -ου  danger
φιλος, φιλη, φιλον   dear (to)     ο φιλος / η φιλη  friend
δε / δ’  and, but
μεν   indeed
μεν… δε…  on the one hand… on the other hand…
ο μεν … ο δε   this one … that one  οι μεν……οι δε….. some…. others
ουν  therefore, then

Classical Mythology

  1. Read in Introduction to Mythology on, pp. 231 – 279: Oedipus the King.
  2. Outline of Joseph Campbell’s schema of the hero’s journey is here.

Intermediate Latin

  1. Ch 33 (conditions).
  2. Translate sentences.

Intermediate Greek

  1. Subjunctive and optative.
  2. Passage to translate

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