Homework due on the Kalends of November / 1 Νοεμβριου η Τριτη

Elementary Latin~ due  Kalendis Novembris

  1. Personal pronouns.
  2. ego, meus, mihi, me, me  — I, me
  3. tu, tuus, tibi, te, te — you
  4. is, ea, id  — he, she, it
  5. nos, nostrum, nobis, nos, nobis   — we, us
  6. vos, vestrum, vobis, vos, vobis  — you (pl)
  7. Sentences p. 53, 4, 5.
  8. Vocabulary, ch. 9
  • locus, -i m place
  • morbus, -i m disease
  • hic, haec, hoc — this; these
  • ille, illa, illud  — that; those
  • unus, -a, -um  — one
  • nullus, -a, um  — none
  • ullus, -a, -um
  • solus, -a, -um – alone
  • neuter, neutra, neutrum – neither
  • alius, alia, aliud  — another, other
  • uter, utra, utrum – either, which (of two)
  • totus, -a, -um whole, entire
  • alter, altera, alterum — other (of two)

Elementary Greek

  1. More on imperfect tense: temporal augment (p. 60)
  2. Sentences p. 63, 2, 4.
  3. Ch. 11 vocabulary
πειθω,  πεισω  persuade; (+ dative) obey
τρεπω, τρεψω  turn; (middle voice) betake oneself, go
αμαξα, -ης  η  cart, wagon
λιμνη, -ης ξ   marsh, lake
τοπος, -ου ο  place
τροπος, -ου ο turn, way
μακρος, -α, -ον long
μικρος, -α, -ον small, litttle
πορρω far, far off — (preposition + genitive) far away from
υπο  / υπ’ / υφ’    (preposition + genitive, dative, accusative) under

Classical Mythology

  1. Read in Introduction to Mythology, ch. 20, ‘The Structural Study of Myth,’ pp. 280 – 294.
  2. Read in Anthology of Classical Myth, Ovid, selections from Heroides, p. 306 – 328.
  3. Please complete revisions/corrections on your essay and hand it in on Tuesday!

Intermediate Latin

  1. Ch 33 (conditions, indirect command, dative)
  2. Translate sentences.

Intermediate Greek

  1. Subjunctive and optative.
  2. Passage to translate

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