Bonam fortunam! Καλη τυχη!

|||| All exams are in Dineen Hall, room 331. You only need to bring a pen or pencil and (for Latin and Greek exams) your cheat sheet. No need to buy blue books. ||||

|||| Dr. Chew will be in her office, Hilsdorf Hall, room 203, on Monday & Tuesday (12 & 13 December), 10am – 1pm. ||||

—-> Mythology review session is on Tuesday, 10am, 13 December, in Hilsdorf Hall, room 2003. UPDATE, 13 December, 1pm. The list of terms has been revised — please check and email Dr. Chew with any questions.


Elementary Latin – exam: Friday, December 16, 9am

Prepare Cheat Sheet and translation of passage about Odysseus and the Cyclops.

Elementary Latin Review

Elementary Greek – exam: Tuesday, December 20, 9am

Prepare Cheat Sheet and translation of passage.

Elementary Greek Review

Classical Mythology – exam: Friday, December 16, 12 noon

Review sheet for exam

  1. Paper due by December 13, Tuesday, either paper copy or via Email to Dr. ChewAn essay (6 – 10 pages) that expands on the topic of your presentation with detailed examination and discussion of the primary text(s) and the movie/book/video game. If you cannot turn in the paper on Friday, please email and/or speak to me in advance.
  2. Oral presentations: Topic is below. Due on Friday, 18 November: 1-2 paragraphs about your topic for the presentation/paper; include the names/titles/author of the ancient primary text(s) and the movie, book, video game, etc.; what myths you will be talking about; what concepts about myth you will refer to. You can email your topic by Friday, 11am, or submit a printed-out copy.
1) Explain how a contemporary book, movie, video game, etc. uses ancient mythology. How is the myth presented, altered, adapted?
2) Concept of the hero. Explain our society’s concept of a hero/heroism and contrast it to that of the ancient Greeks and/or other ancient cultures.
3) Myths are full of contradictions. How does the anthropologist Lévi-Strauss explain these contradictions? (Some terms to use in discussing this topic: binary opposite, resolution of opposites, nature/culture, synchronic/diachronic).
Your presentation must:
  • Incorporate sufficient reference to a primary text (Hesiod, Ovid, Sophocles, etc.)
  • Include discussion of concepts about myth such as: ritual, liminality, hero, trickster, paratactic/syntactic, archetype, family romance.
  • 10 minutes long
  • Powerpoint-type visual aids and other media, paper handouts are welcome

Schedule for Presentations (so far)

November 18   paragraph is DUE

November 22

November 29 Erica

December 2   Jeff, John, Scott, Joe, James

December 6  Janel, Yomna, Allyson, Aaron

December 9  Carmella, Tom, Zunaira, Marcus

Intermediate Latin

  1. Prepare for final exam.

Intermediate Greek

  1. Prepare for final exam.

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