Homework due a.d. vi Kalendis Februaris

Elementary Latin

  1. Quiz Friday (at 8.50am) on nouns: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, declensions.
  2. Noun grammar terms
  3. 1st declension practice
  4. 2nd declension neuter nouns
  5. 3rd declension neuter nouns
  6. Noun endings (1,2,3 declensions)

Database   Ami                                  communication Kristina

Computer Roger                              webpage  Laura

Username  Michelle                       post   Shelby

Input   Chris G                                    status Kyle

Privacy Vanttage                              senior Rabindra

Facebook  Paul                                  message Prajwol

Code  Chris W                                                    digital  July

Social media  Jowina                       cellphone Isaiah

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz Friday  on nouns: 1st, 2nd declensions, definite article.
  2. Helpful review sheet of 1st declension nouns.
  3. Helpful review sheet of 2nd declension nouns.
  4. Definite article.


  1. Read in Biers, ch. 1, “Archaeology in Greece” and Drewett, ch. 1, “Introduction.”
  2. Write out short definitions (2-3 sentences) for these terms: archaeology, excavation, remains, artifact, stratigraphy, site — email these to Dr. Chew at kchew@spc.edu OR hand them in at the start of class on Friday.
  3. Presentation with notes from class on 24 January.

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