Homework due Pridie Kalendis Februaris

Elementary Latin

  1. Read in Wheelock’s Latin: Ch. 14, 3rd declension i-stem nouns and uses of the ablative case
  2. Decline ars, artis (f) and animal, animalis (n) — see pp. 89-90.
  3. Vocabulary ch. 14
  4. Sentences (Sententiae Antiquae, p. 94):
  • Et Deus aquas maria in principio appellavit. (appello, -are, -avi = call)
  • Terra ipsa homines et animalia olim creavit. (ipsa = her/itself; olim = once; creo, -are, -avi = create)
  • Capiebat magnam partem illarum urbium post multos annos vi et consilio. (capio, -ere = capture, take)
Vocabulary ch. 14
animal, animalis (n) animal
aqua (f) water
ars, artis (f) art, skill
auris, auris (f) ear
civis, civis (m/f) citizen
ius, iuris (n) right, justice
mare, maris (n) sea
mors, mortis (f) death
nubes, nubis (f) cloud
os, oris (n) mouth, face
pars, partis (f) part
turba (f) crowd, mob
urbs, urbis (f) city
vis, vis (f) force, power
a, ab away from, from (preposition + ablative)
curro, currere, cucurri, cursum run

Elementary Greek

  1. Read ch. 15: Contract Verbs
  2. Study vowel change chart
  3. Vocabulary ch. 15
  4. Sentences p. 95:
  • υμιν ερω την δηλην αληθειαν΄ τους μεν οι θεοι ωφελουσι, τους δ’ ου.
  • εκεινοι οι αυτοι δεσποται υφ’ ημων και εφιλουντον και ετιμωντο.
Verb paradigm charts:  contract verbs in -εω   ~  contract verbs in -αω  ~   contract verbs in -οω
αρπαζω, αρπασω seize
βαλλω, βαλω throw
γελαω, γελασομαι laugh
δηλοω, δηλωσω make clear, show δηλος, δηλη, δηλον clear
κομιζω, κομιω escort; (middle) accompany
τιμαω, τιμησω honor
φιλεω, φιλησω love
ωφελεω, ωφελησω help
τιμη η  honor


  1. Read in Biers, ch. 2, “The Minoans.”
  2. I didn’t mention this in class, but please read about a recent find, Bathonea (2nd century BCE) in Turkey; it’s a good example of a discovery made using techniques from underwater archaeology.
  3. Summarize the main points of one of the US’s archaeology laws. (Be prepared to note these at our next class.)
  4. Presentation with notes from class on 27 January.

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