Homework due a.d. iii Nonibus Februaris

Elementary Latin

  1. Quiz on identifying and translating verbs in 6 tenses and vocabulary ch. 14. There will be 10 Latin verbs and 10 English verbs to identify.
Vocabulary ch. 14
animal, animalis (n) animal
aqua (f) water
ars, artis (f) art, skill
auris, auris (f) ear
civis, civis (m/f) citizen
ius, iuris (n) right, justice
mare, maris (n) sea
mors, mortis (f) death
nubes, nubis (f) cloud
os, oris (n) mouth, face
pars, partis (f) part
turba (f) crowd, mob
urbs, urbis (f) city
vis, vis (f) force, power
a, ab away from, from (preposition + ablative)
curro, currere, cucurri, cursum run

Elementary Greek

  1. Quiz on contract verbs (present, imperfect tenses; infinitive) and vocabulary ch. 15.
  2. The verbs on the quiz will be:
  • φιλεω, ποιεω
  • τιμαω, γελαω
  • δηλοω
Verb paradigm charts:  contract verbs in -εω ~  contract verbs in -αω ~   contract verbs in -οω
αρπαζω, αρπασω seize
βαλλω, βαλω throw
γελαω, γελασομαι laugh
δηλοω, δηλωσω make clear, show δηλος, δηλη, δηλον clear
κομιζω, κομιω escort; (middle) accompany
τιμαω, τιμησω honor
φιλεω, φιλησω love
ωφελεω, ωφελησω help
τιμη η  honor


  1. Read in Biers, ch. 3, “The Myceneans” (only read 62-73);  Drewett, ch. 2, “What is an archaeological site?”
  2. Presentation with notes from class on 31 January.

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